California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF)

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We have officially started a California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) Chapter here at Heritage Intermediate School. The benefit of becoming a member of CJSF is that it prepares students for CSF membership. The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is something that high school students can participate in. Membership offers opportunities to participate in activities, which benefit the school, the community, and the student. If you’d like to learn more about CJSF, you can explore their website: 

Ms. Seoane will be our CJSF Advisor. Please contact her with questions.

Please see the infographic below for the CJSF program information. You can also click on the image below to download a PDF version of the flyer.

California Junior Scholarship Federation; Heritage Intermediate School; Purpose CJSF is here to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of California students. Program requirements: *8th grade students only* Community service: Students must complete 5 hours of community service per trimester; three of five hours may be completed on our campus or within the community; membership donations: $10.00 per trimester; students who join for a minimum of 2 trimesters will receive special recognition at promotion; application requirements: In order to participate, students must meet the following requirements: must have a minimum of 8 points in four academic classes for each trimester they are applying for: A's = 3 points, B's = 1 point, C's = 0 points. Students may not have any D's or F's in any core class throughout the trimester; Students may not have N's or U's in citizenship; (attach a copy of your last report card with application); Application Window: November 6th-November 16th; Application found in Google Classroom: vyoh3lv

Important CJSF Documents...

CJSF Meeting Permission Slip