8th Grade Activities & Information

8th Grade End of Year Activities

February 9, 2024

This school year is rushing by!  We will soon begin the third trimester.  Students will be informed on 2/9/2024 of the high standards they must meet during the third trimester to be eligible to participate in the Promotion Ceremony, the 8th grade Picnic, 8th Grade Dance, and the class trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. All school activities/events may be modified and/or canceled at any time due to weather, current Covid19 protocols, or district discretion.  Parents will be notified.



Panoramic Picture

8:10am-9:50am; Gym; See below for pricing info.  Payable to Cantrell



5:00pm-7:00pm; MPR


Staff v. Student Softball Game

9:30-10:45am: Softball Field


Knott’s Berry Farm

8:30am-approximately 8:00pm


Field Day

8:10-9:50am: Gym


Promotion Practice #1

Slide Show & Yearbook Signing

8:10am-9:50am; Track/Field



Promotion Practice #2


8:10am-9:50am; Track/Field

10:00am-2:15pm; McDermott Park w/In-N-Out & Kona Ice


Awards Ceremony (by Invitation Only)

Promotion Practice #3 Tentative

8:15am-9:15am; MPR

9:15am-11:00am; MPR


Promotion Ceremony

9:00am-10:15am; Track/Field


Package #1


Class T-Shirt $15.00, 8th Grade Picnic $25.00, 8th Grade Celebration Dance $20.00 and

Knott’s Berry Farm/transportation $50.00

Does not include Panoramic Picture

Package #3 School Activities Only


Class T-Shirt $15.00, 8th Grade Picnic $25.00 and 8th Grade Celebration Dance $20.00

Does not include Panoramic Picture

Package #3 School Activities Only


Class T-Shirt $15.00, 8th Grade Picnic $25.00 and 8th Grade Celebration Dance $20.00

Does not include Panoramic Picture

Panoramic Picture $20, $25, $30 or $35 options.

Order envelope will be provided by Cantrell. 

Checks payable to Cantrell Photography– DUE by 4/8/24

After 4/8/24- call 714-526-3540 to place orders


Payment Options:

  • EXACT CASH, POS Transaction in Office or https://etiwanda.graystep.com (requires set up of account prior to purchase - SEE BELOW!) Accepted from February 9, 2024-April 26, 2024

  • CHECK payable to HIS from February 9, 2024-April, 1, 2024

  • If you would like to set up a payment plan for donations, please email Nicole_Aleid@etiwanda.k12.ca.us


8th Grade Promotion Point Policy

February 9, 2024

We feel that promotion activities are privileges that our students earn by their positive school citizenship and involvement.  In order to ensure that every eighth grader earns the privilege of participating in these activities, we will use a point system during the 3rd trimester (February 20, 2024 – May 23, 2024) which will enable students to earn promotion activities.

Every eighth grader will begin the 3rd trimester with 100 citizenship points.  Only those students with enough points, AND having met the district's academic promotional requirements, will be able to participate in the promotional activities.  These activities include the eighth grade Picnic, Dance, Knott’s Berry Farm field trip, and the Promotional Ceremony.  Points will be deducted for the following reasons:

Failure to return promotion point letter by 2/15/2024 by 3:30pm

10 Points

Administrative actions

5-10 Points

In-school suspension or Other Means of Correction

15 Points

Out of school suspension

20 Points


20 Points

Students must have the amount of points stated below to be eligible for each of the following activities:

Dance (Friday, May 10, 2024)

75 Points

Knott’s Berry Farm (Thursday, May 16, 2024)

55 Points

Picnic (Tuesday, May 21, 2024)

65 Points

If a student is suspended from school on or after May 3, 2024, eligibility for the 8th grade activities and the promotional ceremony will be evaluated by the administration.  The administration will have the final determination on any and all of these eligibility cases.

Promotion is an important event in your child's life and should be seen as a beginning rather than an ending.  Therefore, the sophistication of formal dresses, tuxedos and limousines is neither appropriate nor acceptable for a middle level promotion activity.  That style of dress and transportation is best saved for their high school graduation.  We do not want to dismiss the importance of our promotion but we do not want to send mixed messages to our students.  We want the students to have something to look forward to as they move into the future.

A New & Alternative Form of Payment

Heritage Intermediate Families!

We recognize that more and more families utilize credit/debit cards to make payments.  Up until now, we've not had a credit/debit option for families. We have recently implemented a new system that allows for families to pay online or use a debit/credit card in our school office to pay for various things, such as field trip donations, PE clothes, Band/Leadership donations, etc. 

Parents and Guardians will need to create an account online. You can do so by clicking on the following link:  https://etiwanda.graystep.com You will need your child's Student ID Number to create an account, which can be found on your Aeries Parent Portal, if your child doesn't know it. 

For Step-By-Step Instruction on how to create your account and add your students, please CLICK HERE!

If you have questions about this, please reach out to our school office during regular business hours: Monday-Friday, from 7:30am to 4:00pm. You can call the office at (909) 357-1345 or stop by to speak to someone in person. We're here to help make this transition to a new payment system as smooth as possible.

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