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Elective Class: History of American Music
Universal Access: Grouping Strategies

 8th Grade Language Arts and United States History

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  I am pleased to be your teacher this year, and look forward to having an amazing eighth grade experience.

Wide varieties of teaching methods are used in this class to encourage historical and critical thinking that will help student retention of social science and language arts curriculum.  Social science disciplines covered in this class include history, economics, geography, philosophy, sociology and political science.  Language arts disciplines covered are reading of literature and informational text, language skills, speaking and listening, and four domains of writing.  Students will view and listen to lectures, watch short video segments and documentaries, take Cornell notes on textbook lessons, analyze pictures, examine maps, use mnemonic devices to memorize information, analyze primary source documents, read novels, biographies, and non-fiction, and create projects that reinforce critical thinking.  The History-Social Science Framework, California Content Standards and Common Core State Standards will guide all instruction throughout this class.
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