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Parent Project

 Report an Absence: (909) 803-3014

If you're child is going to be absent from school, please call this number to report the absence at your earliest convenience. Doing so alerts us to the reason for the absence and will prevent future calls from the school requesting that you provide a reason for the absence. An absence not cleared after 72 hours will be marked as Truant. The absence line can be reached 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

You are also welcome to send in an email to report an absence. CLICK HERE to send in an Absence Email.
In your message, include:
*Your student's name,
*The date of the absence,
*The reason for the absence, and
*Your relationship to the student (mother, grandfather, etc.).

 Click the image below to access your Parent Portal and view your child's grades, test scores, attendance, and so much more.

User names and passwords are issued to every parent and student starting in sixth grade or at registration for other grade levels. Returning students and parents use the same user names and passwords to access AERIES all three years at Heritage Intermediate. Please contact the school office if you need assistance connecting to AERIES. 
Student Accident & Sickness Insurance
"Our plans are a low-cost way to provide protection for your children. They can even be used as "gap coverage" to assist with the high deductibles, high co-pays and other inside limits common to many of today's health plans. To assist you during unforeseen emergencies, the Etiwanda School District has partnered with Myers-Stevens & Toohey to offer voluntary coverage for unexpected expenses."

Enrollment Forms linked below:
 Reduced or Free Meals

CLICK HERE to view the program requirements to see if you are eligible to receive reduced or free meals.
When It Is Too Hot Outside...
Need a place to cool down when it's hot? CLICK HERE. This list was created by San Bernardino County Fire and the Office of Emergency Services.
Safety & Transportation

Click here to view a School Traffic Safety Brochure

Click here to view District documentation on Busing
Periodically you may see people passing out religious materials near the school. At times parents will ask if they are allowed to do so. 

Once or twice a year, a handful of missionaries from local churches or religious organizations visit the neighborhood and attempt to hand out religious literature. The laws prohibit them from distributing materials on school property, however, on a public sidewalk they may distribute literature to the public. While I know it may make some students feel uncomfortable (and parents too), they are not to block students from walking or make comments should the students decline the information. We also remind students during our morning announcements that they have the right to say “no, thank you” to anyone handing out materials or flyers on the street corners
Parent Resources for Technology

On 8/26/2020, we hosted a Virtual Tech Night for Parents & Guardians. If you were unable to make it, click on the image to the left to view and/or download the presentation we shared that evening. We covered the following topics: Logging into Zoom, security, Google Suite, Organization, Digital Curriculum, Single Sign On, and Communication.
 Tech Night On 1/27/2021, we hosted a Virtual Tech Night for Parents & Guardians. If you were unable to attend, click on the image to the left to view and/or download the presentation we shared that evening. We also recorded the Zoom session. CLICK HERE to watch the presentation. We covered the following topics: Google Classroom, Assignment Submission, Parent Journeys in Virtual Learning, and Paper (24/7 online tutoring).
 Netiquette  Thank you Mrs. Harris for this great infographic. She has provided some great suggestions for etiquette while on the internet.

Parent Resources for Social Media
Click on the following images to download full-size versions

  KNOW WHAT'S APPENING: Social Media Apps Parents Should Know About! The Good Websites, Apps, and Devices

   KNOW WHAT'S APPENING: Social Media Apps Parents Should Know About! The Bad Websites, Apps, and Devices

  Questions to ask your teen about Social Media

  Parent Guidelines for Social Media and Cell Phone Use

   Check out this App for parents to help monitor screen time.