Principal's Newsletter

April 14, 2022


Good evening, Hawk Families!

This is Mr. Carson and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who were able to join us at Open House last night. We had a great turnout and it was so exciting to see families on campus and students being able to showcase all that they have done this school year. So thank you again for coming out to support your student.

I’d also like to take a moment to talk a little about state testing and what you can expect. 

  • State testing begins, 4/19/2022 and will last through 4/29/2022.
    • We will test Tuesday through Friday (4/19-4/22 and 4/26-4/29) and we will be on our Testing Bell Schedule:

  • The “T” stands for Testing. So students will be testing from 8:20am to 10:40am. The remainder of the day, periods are shortened slightly and lunches are later for our students.
  • Monday, 4/18/2022, and Monday, 4/25/2022, will be normal bell schedule
  • Here’s a sample of what a student’s testing days may look like:
    • Tuesday 4/19: Computer Adaptive Test Part 1 in Language Arts
    • Wednesday 4/20: Computer Adaptive Test Part 2 in Language Arts
    • Thursday 4/21: Performance Task Part 1 in Language Arts
    • Friday 4/22: Performance Task Part 2 in Language Arts
    • Tuesday 4/26: Computer Adaptive Test Part 1 in Math
    • Wednesday 4/27: Computer Adaptive Test Part 2 in Math
    • Thursday 4/28: Performance Task Part 1 in Math
    • Friday 4/29: Performance Task Part 2 in Math
  • Students who are absent will be given opportunities to complete the test upon return. Students who are unable to complete their test in the time allotted will be given additional time to complete their test, as well.
  • During the week of 5/2 through 5/6, our 8th grade students will take the state test in Science.
  • With all of that information, please remember the following, as we begin to enter state testing season:
    • It’s important that our students get plenty of sleep at night. Please make sure that your child is getting to bed at a decent hour and that they do not have their device in hand. 
    • It’s also important that our students come to school well fed. Please make sure they eat a good breakfast before coming to school. We’ll have some snacks available for those who need a snack.
    • Cell phones, smart watches, and bluetooth style headphones or earbuds are not permitted during the testing session. Students will need to have those devices off and in their backpacks. They may not be out. Having any of them out can result in a testing impropriety which can impact their score, as well as the scores around them and the overall score of the school. Please help us out by reminding your child of this.
    • Teachers will have things for students to do to keep busy should they finish their test early. It would be a good idea for students to have a book or something that they would like to do quietly in the event they finish early.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher. We are excited to see how our students perform.

July 25th, 2021

The following COVID-19 Guidelines will be in place to start the 2021/2022 school year. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has released updated guidance for the 21/22 school year that all California K-12 schools are required to follow:

1) All students and visitors must wear a face covering when indoors at a district facility, regardless of vaccination status. Staff will wear a face covering indoors when students or community members are present regardless of vaccination status, as well.

2) Students and staff are not required to wear a mask when they are outdoors.

3) Daily Health Screening emails (remember from last year), will NOT be sent to families.

4) IMPORTANT: Parents/Guardians are responsible for completing an informal health assessment with their child or children each day, including temperature check, before coming to school. Students with any symptoms will need to stay home.

5) Students and staff are expected to practice physical distancing to the maximum extent possible while on campus.

6) Volunteers, non-essential visitors, and activities involving external groups or organizations will not be permitted on campus during 1st Trimester.

7) Extracurricular activities and community events on our campus are currently suspended for the duration of 1st Trimester.

8) You may visit the websites of the CDC and the California Dept. of Public Health to view all of the COVID-19 Guidelines and Resources. As ESD protocols are finalized, they will be posted to the ESD website for public view. District protocols are based upon current guidelines and recommendations provided by the CDC, CDPH, and Cal/OSHA and are subject to change and/or updating depending upon information provided by the state.

July 16, 2021

Summer Greetings, Hawk Students & Families!!

I hope that this official “Welcome Back” letter finds you well, that your summer has been relaxing and enjoyable, and that you’ve spent time with those you love. To say that last year was a challenging year is most certainly an understatement. As I reflect on last year, I am so very proud of our students and their grit, determination, and perseverance. I am looking forward to the 2021/2022 school year and I hope that you are, as well.

Resilience & Recovery Image

Each year our district decides on a theme. This year, the theme and slogan is “Resilience and Recovery.” For me, the image above represents “Resilience and Recovery.” The tree growing out of the rock stood out to me as a symbol of resilience. The nutrients a tree gathers from the soil and the fresh water that trees need to survive are most definitely lacking as it grows out of a rock and near salty water. And grows. The roots traveling and searching for nutrients on top of the rock are further evidence of the tree’s resilient nature. Though the image is of a calm sea, I can imagine the tree continuing to stand through pounding storms...maintaining its resilience and oftentimes having to recover from the damage sustained during the storm. Despite the challenges that we faced last year, let’s be resilient. Let’s recover from those challenges well. I encourage you to be that tree that continues to stand through the storm.

Many of you might be experiencing some worry or anxiety as you begin to think about the school year. So many of you haven’t even been on our campus before and quite a few of you have spent the last year and half in a virtual setting. While some anxiety with a new setting is expected and very normal, we want to do all that we can to calm those fears. We are in this together and we will get through this together. The staff at HIS truly want students to be successful! Rest assured that we will be taking students on tours, doing team building activities with them, and helping them adapt to middle school.

While you have been away on vacation, some staffing changes took place at Heritage Intermediate School. Please join me in giving each of our new staff members a warm welcome when you see them.
-- Mrs. Candra Loftis was appointed Principal of Solorio Elementary. Joining our administrative team as Assistant Principal this coming school year is Mrs. Patricia Johnson.

-- Mrs. Lilly Damen was appointed to a position in the district office overseeing counseling interns. Mrs. Krystal Daniels will be joining us as our new School Counselor.

-- Mrs. Christine McMasters joined the office staff at Falcon Ridge Elementary. Mrs. Barbara Jovet-Martinez will be a new face in our front office.

-- Mr. Teodosio Cobian joined the PE staff at Summit Intermediate School. Returning to HIS to take  his place will be Mr. Charlie Garibay.

-- Mrs. Wendy Hampton joined the teaching staff at Day Creek Intermediate School. Taking her place at HIS will be Mrs. Tatiana Zabala-Vazquez.

Campus Improvements...

You will also notice that new carpet was installed throughout the campus during summer break. It looks really nice! Our carpet was 19 years old! Our parking lot is scheduled to be re-striped and painted with fresh paint. However, as of the writing of this welcome back letter, it hasn’t been done. We also had the broken down and missing delineators in the front parking lot replaced. Projectors and a projector screen were also supposed to be installed in our gymnasium, so that people can sit in the bleachers and see clearly whatever is displayed. However, the project is taking longer than expected, so this will likely be a project for an upcoming break. Someday soon, there will no longer be a need for PE to put up the not-so-easy-pop-up screen!

I’d like to give a “Shout Out” to our PTSA for taking some time to brighten up our student restrooms! Thank you PTSA. Students, you are going to like what they did! Students, we have a challenge for you: let’s work hard at keeping our restrooms clean this year!


Prior to the end of the school year last year, we held elections for our School Site Council (SSC) and the district held elections for our African American Parent Educator Advisory Committee (AAPEAC). I’d like to take a moment to introduce our SSC Members and our AAPEAC Representatives. You can learn about the SSC by exploring our website: CLICK HERE. You can also learn about our AAPEAC: CLICK HERE.

The SSC is made up of ten individuals—five parents and five school staff members. Our Parent Representatives for the 2021/2022 school year are: Jennifer Cousens, Valerie Greer, Nikki Robinson, Omar Safie, and Adrienne Walker. Thank you to our five parents  for taking on this important commitment. And thank you to all the parents who placed their name on the ballot. Connect with one of our parent representatives or join us at one of our SSC meetings. SSC meetings are open to the public and meeting dates, times, and locations can be found on our website, as well.

The AAPEAC is a district committee made up of representatives and alternates from each school site, as well as district staff. For the 2021/2022 school year, Tracee Stewart will be the representative for HIS and Eboni Young will be the alternate representative for HIS. Thank you to Tracee and Eboni for stepping into this role this year.

Last but not least, I’d like to introduce our 2021/2022 PTSA. You can learn all about our PTSA on our school website: CLICK HERE. Our PTSA Membership is $8. If you join online, an additional $1 processing fee is charged. Families are encouraged to join. Membership proceeds benefit the school! We are excited to welcome April Apodaca as our PTSA President, Tracee Stewart as our PTSA Executive Vice President, Brandi Stevens as Secretary, Jennifer Moorhead as Treasurer, Anabelet Badajoz as Fundraising, and Tanisha Lee as Historian. Thank you to each of you for stepping into these roles and supporting Heritage Intermediate! Your commitment is truly appreciated!

In the meantime, the following information will be beneficial for you:

1) COVID-19 Protocols: As we get closer to the start of school, updated information will be provided on COVID-19 protocols. The district must abide by the recommendations and guidelines provided by the California Dept. of Public health and those change frequently.

2) Online Data Confirmation Window opened July 12th and will be open through July 30th, 2021. ALL parents and guardians need to log into your Aeries Parent Portal to complete your Data Confirmation, prior to and in order to receive class assignments. CLICK HERE to access the Aeries Parent Portal. CLICK HERE for instructions.

3) School Office Officially Opens to the Public: Monday, July 26th. Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm.

4) Class Schedules will be available on Thursday, August 5th, 2021 at 4:00pm. Your child’s class placement is temporary. During the school year, administration may need to make adjustments in class placement which is considered beneficial to the student or the educational program. The decision of the principal regarding class assignment of a student shall be final. Class schedules will be available on the Etiwanda School District website. Click on the “Welcome Back to School” logo.

5) The 1st Day of School: Monday, August 9th, 2021.  Our gates will open for students to come on to campus daily at 7:30am. COVID Guidelines described above will be in place. School starts at 8:00am. Students are expected to be in their seat at 8:00am. It is a MINIMUM DAY, which means a 1:00 dismissal and a minimum day bell schedule.

6) Back to School Night: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 starting at 5:00pm. Back to School Night will be held in a virtual format this year. It will be a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and learn how to adequately prepare your child for the 2021/2022 school year in middle school! A flyer with more details will come soon.

7) Stay Connected! Communication is Key!
    School Phone Number: (909) 357-1345
    Absence Reporting Line: (909) 803-3014
    Instagram: @HIS_Principal
    Twitter: @HIS_Principal
    Facebook: Heritage Intermediate School
    2021/2022 Student Calendar

As updates are received, they will be shared. Additional information related to Textbooks, Yearbooks, PE Clothes, Spirit Wear, and PTSA membership will be shared in the near future. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you very soon.

Mr. Carson, Principal