Rocketry Elective

Course Description

Students will conduct hands-on inquiry based learning with Estes Rocket kits provided by Heritage Intermediate.  The students will build a water rocket using a two liter bottle and 2 Estes rocket kits ranging from “Ready to Fly kits” to “Level 2 advanced skills kits” that require precise measuring and gluing. Students will calculate flight altitudes using tables of tangents, angles, altitrak altitude finders and digital altimeters.


- Making connections between theory and hands on applications in science, math and technology

- Understand all phases of rocket construction, launch and experiment development

- Develop fine motor skills

- Improvement of spatial relations and conceptual thinking

- An opportunity to demonstrate expertise and knowledge in front of peers and teacher

- Gain experience designing, conducting and reporting basic experimental investigations

- Enhancement of self image through successful accomplishments

- Improvement of cooperative skills in group activities

- Development of greater awareness for safety and attention to detail


-2 Liter plastic water bottle rocket design and launch

- Ready to fly, easy to assemble, level 1 and level 2 Rocket kits design and launch

- Measuring and calculating altitude

- Scientific Method investigation for fin placement and  water/air ratio mixture

Instructional strategies

- Estes lesson resources

- Group builds along with peer support

-  teacher builds same rocket with students to show them step by step  instructions using document camera