Mrs. Flint

Distance Learning   

Link to schedule for April 6-10

Link to April 6-10 Assignments

Some of the work also assigned in google classroom called "Flint Math and Science"

About The Teacher

I have been teaching in the Etiwanda School District since 1988.  I taught 
elementary for 13 years and this will be my 18th year teaching 6th grade math 
and science.  This year Ms Zarate and I will be working together in math 
instruction (I am present every day, Ms Zarate provides support in math instruction)
I have lived in the Etiwanda area since 1985.  I have 2 sons, both college 
graduates, with degrees in chemistry and environmental studies. I received 
my Masters Degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction Focus) at 
California State University San Bernardino.  

Mission For The Class

I want all students to feel that my classroom is a safe place for them to 
learn.  I encourage students to work with their classmates and ask for help if 
needed.  Students are expected to persevere with problems and are required to 
explain their reasoning when performing mathematics.  I believe that if we 
expect learning at a high level and show students that we (teachers and 
parents) believe in their abilities, they will achieve at high levels.