Mrs. Brandt

For all information regarding updated announcements, resources, lesson requirements, assignments, class expectations, schedules, and teacher information, please visit our classroom Google Site at the link below:
Mrs. Brandt 2020-2021
This Google Site will work alongside Google Classroom and will be updated daily. Think of it as a window into your student's classroom. It is a vital resource for parent information. Please check it on a weekly basis (at minimum).
*IMPORTANT: Due to privacy and safety reasons, our class Google Site is protected to Etiwanda accounts only, much like our Google Classrooms. Because of this, please be aware that parents must be signed in to their student's official Etiwanda account in order to view the site. It will not be viewable to non-Etiwanda accounts or email accounts outside of Gmail without a teacher provided invitation.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Etiwanda School District provides live interactive virtual instruction through the Virtual Learning Model. Please note that during virtual session there is no expectation of privacy. Students and anything in their background will be in view of class.