Currently the cost of the yearbook is $55.00.

Yearbooks are currently sold online at

Student Photos

A fall picture day will not be scheduled at this time. We need photos for our yearbook! CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to upload photos of your child that we can use for our yearbook.

Please use the following link to upload photos:

8th Grade Recognition Ads

Please remember that the 8th Grade Recognition Ads DO NOT INCLUDE A YEARBOOK.

  Date Range  Price Range
 Early Bird Special  8/6/2020-11/3/2020  $60.00-$195.00
 Deadline #2 Special  11/4/2020-11/12/2020  $70.00-$225.00
 Final Deadline  11/13/202-12/10/2020  $85.00-$255.00

For more information about the Recognition Ads, please visit or call 951-274-9561.
Yearbook Ads are not processed at HIS.
You must contact the Yearbook Company. Click on the Image Below to view and download a 2-page flyer with more details.